About Us

About Us

Our ‘Why’

The spark that ignited Business Doctors was lit in 2004 when Matthew Levington and Rod Davies met up for a drink. Recognising that they shared a passion for the world of business, they were inspired to create something different, something that would truly add value for entrepreneurs looking to grow.

Successful owners of medium-sized businesses looking for support, could choose either the big four or individual consultants, both expensive options.  Spotting a gap in the market Matthew and Rod forged ahead with their innovative concept: Business Doctors.

Beginning with the Merseyside SME market, Business Doctors was soon transforming companies in the North West; the success of their partnership approach clearly evident in their expansion to 40 offices in the UK and 96 offices across Ireland, Belgium, India, South Africa, Malta, Myanmar, UAE and Cyprus.

2004 Business Doctors Established

  1. Business Doctors Established

    One evening Matthew and Rod met for a beer at the Spread Eagle in Lymm.  Over a pint (or two) they soon discovered a shared enthusiasm for business.  Translating thought into action, they developed the Business Doctors concept and trademarked the brand.

  2. North West Office Success

    Matthew and Rod establish the Business Doctor brand in the North West and following this success plan to expand to offer business support throughout the United Kingdom.

  3. Business Doctors launch in South Africa

    Steve Sutton joins Business Doctors, heading up Business Doctors in South Africa, and Business Doctors’ launch new book ‘Breaking Big’

  4. Business Doctors launch in India

    Saurab Khandewal launches Business Doctors in India following a two day launch event held in Gujarat on 16th and 17th January 2016.

  5. Business Doctors launches in Malta

    Daniel Bugeja and his business partner launch their new Business Doctors office in July 2016

  6. Business Doctors launch in Ireland

    Serial entrepreneur John Nelligan launches Business Doctors in Southern and Northern Ireland

See how we have helped businesses just like yours…

As they say: the proof of the pudding is in the eating!

Easy access to funding for business coaching and development

As an SME owner, you could be eligible for a grant to fund all or part of the support we provide – and more. We can help you draw down funding for business consultancy or strategy consulting on expansion and disposal, acquisitions and buy-outs, and more. And we make it as easy as possible.

Business Doctors is recognised as one of the leading business support providers in the UK, and has built a portfolio of accreditations and approvals to deliver government funded business support. We know that SMEs often find it difficult and time consuming to track down funding and when they do find it, the red tape and form filling means that it usually ends up on your ‘too hard pile’. By aligning ourselves with government agencies and support bodies, we’re very well placed to maximise your opportunity to access funding quickly and relatively painlessly.

If you want to know about funding, get in touch with your local Business Doctor to find out more.