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Understanding People through Colours Workshop


Does it feel like you are surrounded by Idiots, who make decisions on the hoof, or don’t make a decision at all?

Are you frustrated at how long it’s taking to make a sale or are clients ignoring your call?

If so this Interactive, Engaging, and Insightful 90-minute workshop will help.



Understanding your own & other people’s behaviour can stop the frustration, as they make decisions and act in ways that make no sense to us.

In reality, rather than being surrounded by idiots, we are surrounded by people who have a different view of the world to us. People who are motivated by different emotions. It’s a fact that, whatever your personality, you are in a minority. Most people don’t think like you.

Based on the best-selling book by Thomas Erikson, this workshop will introduce you to the 4 main types of human behaviour through the medium of colours. Participants will learn how to quickly identify colours types by reading clues in other people’s behaviour.

The workshop is ideal for Business Owners, Leaders, Managers, Salespeople and as a team development session. We are running the workshop via Zoom and is only £100 + VAT to attend.



Previous attendees’ feedback
• Thank you so much for yesterday’s ‘Colours’ workshop. It was totally fascinating, and I really enjoyed learning about the four personality types. I think everyone should do this workshop. Knowing what my personality type is and being able to recognise the personality types of others is going to be very helpful going forward

• The team loved our afternoon session thank you, it is lovely to hear them embracing what they have learned and joking with it too. The follow up pdf is a nice quick reference for us to refer back to, both Dan and I have a copy on our desktop.

• A real eye opener. Not just learning about how to interact with people classed in a different colour to yourself, but also to learn what colour you are and the traits you have. When David asked me what colour I thought I was, I said I’m one of three colours, but definitely not… oops, guess who got that wrong. Then as we progressed, I could see more of me in that colour, although I did have a strong presence of another colour. I thoroughly recommend this workshop – attend the first one you can!

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Event Details

Date: 9 June 2021

Start time: 08:30 BST

End time: 10:00 BST