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Digital Transformation Webinar: Systemisation & Digitisation


Do you want to digitise your business?

Most people would like to do that because in doing so, you can:
• Deliver consistent performance
• Deliver a consistent and controllable level of quality
• Hire fewer people
• Be less reliant on key talented staff who might leave
• Automate and have the business working when you are not
• Predict your levels of operation accurately in the short and even medium terms

Come along and join us on the 21st April when we will go through these presentations and some break-out activity where you can interact with other businesses and see how you can transform your business into a scalable, valuable and resilient machine which operates efficiently and profitably whether you are there or not!



Systemising your processes is a great way to streamline your operations. Also, employees may leave your business but your systems do not. Therefore, business leaders should be codifying their operations, in order to deliver consistent customer experience and also to allow the business to scale.

Jason French from Business Doctors will cover how to systemise your operations. For example, how to systemise your sales process from start to end. Adding in trackers to checkpoint progress is essential, as are meaningful reports and views of sales opportunities. Automating towards and for the benefit of the customer is one of his key systemisation principles. Work Instructions or Standard Operating Procedures are a great way of allowing employees to rigorously follow your processes. These should be written to support Visual-Auditory-Kinesthetic learning styles, as your employees will have a natural preference of how they digest information and follow instructions.

Steve Borwell-Fox from borwell will then progress the webinar by talking about several key actions you can take using technology to digitise your operations. Technologies such as SharePoint, CRM systems and collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams are powerful enablers, but only if setup and operated effectively.

Break out sessions

Both experts will then run a break out session interactive workshop to elaborate learnings into more detail.

Our aim

You will take away:

  • New knowledge, concepts, tools and techniques
  • A clearer understanding of how you can systemise and digitise your business


Event Details

Date: 21 May 2021

Start time: 09:30 a.m. BST

End time: 11:00 a.m. BST

Venue: Online