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Business Value Builder

Business Value Builder

Growing your business has consequences: your business not only increases in size but also builds its reputation as well as its value.  

As your company evolves, it may well need a new structure to sustain it. Designing a framework for this can seem overwhelming.  Breaking down the task into manageable chunks makes it much easier.

Business Value Builder

How can Business Doctors help?

We at Business Doctors can help you align structure with strategic goals by:

  • choosing locations
  • advising on acquisitions
  • addressing HR : recruiting; roles; training
  • obtaining finance: raising capital; investment
  • developing systems and processes
  • reviewing supply chain
  • solving taxation issues

To begin the process we advise answering our Business Value Builder questionnaire which will clarify the ‘Scalability’ of your business.  This short survey is free, confidential and will only take a few minutes of your time.  After completing it you will receive a score out of 100 along with instructions for interpreting your results.  In addition, an advisor will contact you to arrange a review of your full report.

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