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Business Doctors Set to Remedy Success in York

York businesses are now able to benefit from hands-on support since Business Doctors York opened its doors in April this year. The venture is headed up by Yorkshire-born businessman, Glyn Selway and will bring specialised guidance for small and medium businesses in the City and surrounding area.

Business Doctors York is part of a national network of 40 Business Doctors offices across the UK. Business Doctors helps SMEs to reach their full potential through strategic, financial, marketing, HR and IT support The company operates throughout the UK, with each member of the Business Doctors’ network bringing highly skilled business coaching to organisations in their area. Business Doctors York will utilise Glyn’s 30 years industry experience to help businesses in the City to maximise their commercial performance through hands-on coaching.

Glyn, 52, has strong ties to the City and has worked closely with York University and many local businesses during his commercial career. He has worked for various national companies at board level and specialises in business development and helping businesses to maximise commercial performance. Speaking at the launch of Business Doctors York, Glyn said: “I’m really enjoying getting back to my roots, rolling up my sleeves and assisting SMEs in the region who are coming out of very tough economic times. “All too often, business owners fall into the vicious cycle of working in their businesses but not on their businesses. It’s easy to become bogged down by the day-to-day operations and can be difficult to take a step back and re-evaluate the overall vision. Business Doctors York will be working to remedy this.” Business Doctors is headquartered in St Helens and was founded by Rod Davies and Matthew Levington in 2004.

The company operates offices throughout the UK, providing a business support network fully aligned with government support programmes to ensure SMEs receive all of the funding and training that is available to them. Business Doctors co-founder, Rod Davies said: “We’re delighted to announce the launch of our newest Business Doctors’ office in York. “Each office is headed up by carefully selected business people who not only possess the experience required to help businesses succeed, but who understand the differing needs of every company and can tailor the support given in line with these needs.” “Glyn is the ideal candidate to lead Business Doctors York, combining a strong affiliation to the area with a wealth of business knowledge and strong desire to help SMEs. He’ll be an asset to the Business Doctors team and an invaluable mentor for businesses in York.” York businesses looking for guidance and support can contact Glyn via his dedicated web page